Jumpstart Kindergarten - Deluxe Package

The Deluxe Package consists of 4 days of our Jumpstart Kindergarten Program - otherwise known as Puppy Day School.

Jumpstart Kindergarten is a specialized program on TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, AND THURSDAYS
for your young, and very impressionable, puppy between the ages of 8
and 16 weeks of age. This is a critical socialization period that
provides your puppy with the necessary foundation to better navigate
life as your beloved companion.

What will your puppy enjoy during their stay at Tails-U-Win?

  1. Controlled play and training with adult and similar-aged dogs and puppies.

  2. An introduction to new surface textures (tarp, flat metal, carpet, linoleum)

  3. A safe introduction to agility equipment that won’t tax their growing bodies.

  4. Kinesthetic learning, while exploring carefully constructed environments.

  5. Several brief learning sessions to introduce the clicker.

  6. Encouraged exploration of various novelty items.

  7. Introduction to new people wearing or using many different items such as an umbrella, sunglasses, hats, large coats, brooms, vacuums.

  8. Introduction to sounds such as sirens, music, doorbells, squeaking gates, fire trucks, fireworks, etc

  9. If
    weather permits, your puppy may be walked down the trails behind our
    facility. There are hills, trees to navigate around, logs, roots, sounds
    of wildlife, and unique sounds for your puppy to enjoy.

  10. Your
    puppy will be provided an introductory course of sit and down while
    working around wheelchairs, canes, and a variety of other wonderful
    items and sounds.

  11. Gentle grooming opportunities (brushing and nail trimming)

  12. House training will be worked on for the duration of their visit.

  13. No jumping will also be worked on. Good manners are so important!

Jumpstart Kindergarten for Puppies is not restricted to the items
listed above and exposure to all listed is based solely upon the
temperament of the puppy. Our mission is to provide as stress-free of an
environment for their eager, learning minds as possible and to assist
you in having a confident, well-adjusted dog in your life.

Items Included:
Jumpstart Kindergarten for Puppies - Day 1
Jumpstart Kindergarten for Puppies - Day 2
Jumpstart Kindergarten for Puppies - Day 3
Jumpstart Kindergarten for Puppies - Day 4
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